Convenient and Practical

Pasteurizer Systems for Dairy Applications

GEA offers a wide range of standard and custom-built multi-purpose pasteurizers with capacities of 5000–50,000 l/h for milk and 2500–10,000 l/h for cream.

Pasteurizer Systems for Dairy Applications

Modular and reliable design, our pasteurizers can be assembled to meet your product and process requirements: application-specific modules are added to the basic unit to provide the perfect combination of functionality and productivity.

Pasteurizers: Convenient and Practical

The standard units are built to operate at heating temperatures of 72–85 °C. However, equipment to cope with higher pasteurization temperatures can be delivered on request.

System heat recovery levels of >90% for milk and milk-mix products, and >85% for cream, are guaranteed, offering capital and running cost benefits.

For applications including consumer milk, milk-mix drinks, cream, yoghurt, cheese and sour milk products, ice cream mixes and whey products, GEA has the know-how, expertise and technology to optimize your high quality dairy product production line.

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