The eXtended version of innovation

GEA XStream Lab Homogenizer

The eXtended version of innovation


With an innovative ergonomic geometry and design, the XStream Lab Homogenizer is suitable to carry out tests in your laboratory and to ensure the scalability of obtainted results in industrial scale production.

Distinctive features:

  • Best performance thanks to the NiSoX-Valve
  • Ergonomic and specifically designed for a perfect fit on laboratory desks
  • Easy operation and control through an HMI 7’’ touchscreen 
  • Automatic pressure set-up and adjustment
  • Easy reproduction and scalability of test results
  • cGMP, CFR21 and Gamp certifications
  • Easy validation process

Two models available with a full list of options for any specific requirements.

Model Max pressure (bar) Max flow-rate (l/h)
XStream Lab Homogenizer 1000 1000 20
XStream Lab Homogenizer 2000 2000 9

Reimagine liquids

Reimagine Liquids

It may surprise you how many products need homogenization in their manufacturing process to make them more compatible with your daily life. Stabilization and a longer shelf life have always been among the highest priorities in many different processing industries but, especially nowadays, as lifestyles continue to change rapidly, they are becoming more and more valued. 

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