Partnership for Optimum Plant Efficiency Service next level for Breweries

GEA provides intelligent service concepts - flexible and future oriented

Together with the customers, GEA designs intelligent service solutions aimed at fully exploiting the potential of the brewery and achieving a continuous and cost-effective production process.

Keep your plant running longer

Service next level stands for

  • Technical service modules ensuring high plant availability for increased production safety
  • Technological service modules ensuring high efficiency for optimized production costs
  • Audits for transparency to make informed decisions
  • Energy efficiency check – mobiles Energiedatenmanagement
  • Spare parts service and emergency service – 24 h / 365 days –
  • Training programs

Service next level − the results speak for themselves

  • High plant availability
  • Excellent system efficiency
  • Spare parts availability as required

=> Optimized operating costs (TCO)



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