Easy Slide Rotor Support (USDA)

For sanitary rotary valves and in hygienic powder conveying systems it is frequently necessary to de-mount rotary valve and airlock rotors for cleaning.

The easy slide rotor support is an optional accessory which assists the operator by safely supporting and precisely aligning the rotor components.


The easy-slide rotor support is an optional accessory for all sizes of de-mountable convey and drop-through rotary valves for hygienic and sanitary applications. It safely supports the rotor and non-drive end-plate when they are removed from the valve bore, and keeps them precisely aligned for reassembly.

Rotor and end-plate are mounted to a hinged, slide-rod carriage assembly supported by precision linear bearings. End-plate only, or complete rotor and end-plate assembly can be removed in one operation, without tools, and turned to one side for full access to all product-contact surfaces.

Design speeds and simplifies inspection, cleaning and maintenance. It's ideal for applications where the valve requires frequent dis-assembly or is not easily accessible.
Reduces risk of damage to precision-machined rotor and body bore for optimum valve performance. 

  • Eliminates need to "man-handle" heavy components. Reduces risk of operator injury
  • Assures precise rotor alignment in body bore for reassembly
  • Can be retrofitted to standard de-mountable rotary valves
  • Heavy-duty construction features hard-chrome slide rods and precision linear bearings to maintain critical tolerances
  • Maintenance-free design with permanently lubricated sealed bearings and wear-resistant components
  • Available in left or right-hand configurations and a variety of materials and surface finishes to match rotary valve specifications
  • ATEX rated valves are available for use in hazardous zones
  • Designed in accordance with USDA 3A standards

Larger Inlet option for Food and Dairy applications

GEA Nu-Con Large Inlet Rotary Valve

The all new large inlet rotary valve series has been developed for typical cyclone or dryer applications where the inlet performance is critical to the process. In such applications, the product must flow freely into the valve where the convey through (CV) system can transfer the product away.

The new valves are available in a range of sizes from 200mm to 300mm (CV500) and 300mm to 350mm (CV750). The Generation 3 Rotor Detection System is also available on all models in the series.

Specifications include:


  • 14” (350mm) ANSI flange inlet
  • 2.5” – 5” process connection ports
  • 2 sizes available; 12L per revolution (500 model), or 23L per revolution (750 model)

Material Of Construction (MOC):

  • 304 stainless steel construction (optional: 316 and low carbon)
  • 180 grit dairy product contact surface
  • bead blast exterior finish food grade sanitary lip seal
  • ATEX zone 20 internal


  • easy slide rotor support – bottom mounted
  • Festo air service unit with flow meter, regulator and 24V DC solenoid
  • SEW 0.25kW (500 model) or 0.55kW (750 model)
  • chain drive magnetic safety switch


  • Rotor Detection System Generation 3 for; maintenance management software, seal monitoring and control, and detecting contact between rotor and body
  • scraper vanes to suit carbohydrates and other sticky products
  • ATEX Class 2 Category 3 Zone 22, ATEX Class 2 Category 3 Zone 21 external electrical components
  • explosion rated protective device under ATEX Directive 94/9/EC LCIE 12 ATEX 3071 X NBN:0071