Product Recovery Systems Aseptic Pigging System

An aseptic pigging system allows to recover cost intensive products out of product lines. Powered by compressed sterile air, the pig pushes the product out of the pipe. The remaining product film on the inside of the product line can then be removed with the CIP. This technology significantly reduces the strain on the waste water and lowers cleaning costs, for example water and detergents costs.

Fields of Use

  • Purging pumpable products out of product lines
  • Full integration in to automation systems
  • Calibrated hoses
  • Existing pipes with minimum elbow diameters of 1.5 x d
  • Sterilisation up to 140°C


  • Aseptic pigging system
  • The product flows round the pig during production, CIP and sterilisation
  • The pig stations are fully integrated in the product line
  • Recovery of product by purging the line with the pig
  • Production down time for necessary cleaning only
  • Lower cleaning costs
  • Lower strain on the waste water
  • Service friendly
  • Can be delivered as a unit including control system
  • Can be delivered with integrated sterile air system (sterile filter)


The shafts for the pig holder and the pig actuator are hermetically sealed with welded metal bellows.

The connection of the body and the pig actuator is done with a service friendly
3-part massiv clamp.

The body is made of stainless steel 1.4435 (AISI316L) and is ground inside and polished outside. The connections are normally welding connections according to DlN 11850, on request they can be imperial or ISO welding connections, dairy screw connections, clamp connections or aseptic flanges according to DIN 11864-2.

Parts in contact with the product are completely made out of 1.4435 (AISI316L) with silicon seals between the inside and the outside. The pigging system can be delivered in sizes DN40 to DN100.


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