GEA DeltaPak

GEA DeltaPak thermoformer is adapted to your vacuum and MAP applications

GEA DeltaPak

The GEA DeltaPak thermoformer is adapted to your vacuum and MAP applications. The conversion to another pack size is simple and achieved in a few easy steps. To tailor fit our solution to your requirements the GEA DeltaPak can easily be extended with carefully selected downstream components. The wealth of experience gained by our customers in decades of operating our machines has been put to good use here.

Working principle

A powerful transport chain is securely gripping the bottom web at the infeed drum. A precision servo motor indexes the web through the machine process. The loading area is accessible from both sides for multiple operators. Powerful GEA Membrane seal system for reliable seals and constant peel forces. Knee lever punches for semi rigid bottom web, with central adjustment of cutting forces. Guillotine cross cut knives for flexible bottom web,optional tear notch cutting. Choice of longitudinal cutting systems. 

  • Strongest chain grippers in the market to hold all types of film
  • Optional labelers and / or direct print
  • High performance valves  


All our machines are ruggedly built and thus safeguard the consistent quality of the finished packages 24/7, for years to come. Our machines have proved their worth, especially in harsh environments, such as those in the fish processing industry. We place particular importance on the generous use of high-quality materials, high-performance drive technology from premium manufacturers and continuous implementation of high quality German valves. The GEA membrane seal head ensures tight and even seals, with only a minimum of maintenance required. 

  • Robust machine frame
  • Up to 99% technical availability
  • High quality German components
  • GEA membrane seal head ensures tight and even seals
  • 24/7 Helpdesk 

Output quality

The GEA DeltaPak ensures that all packages are neatly sealed with the greatest possible reliability. The process parameters measured, such as heating temperature, compressed air supply, cooling water throughput, vacuum values, process times etc. are constantly monitored and logged. 

  • Permanent monitoring of critical process steps
  • Selected variety of easy opening features
  • Heating and forming system for stable, well-defined pack forming
  • Cutting system for smoothly rounded pack corners 

Hygiene is the key issue in packaging


A whole series of design solutions contribute to meeting the objective of perfect packaging. The special membrane sealing system - the centerpiece of our machine - we achieve a particularly high and even contact pressure for sealing the upper with the lower film. The GEA DeltaPak range is built to endure 24/7 production environments with minimized scheduled maintenance demands. Typically, our individual machines are 98-99% available (machine technical availability in accordance with DIN 8743). Components from premium suppliers are used throughout the machine, ensuring the usage state-of-the-art technology in performance critical areas. 


Hygiene is the key issue in packaging. Our responses to these challenges are multifaceted - technically as well as organizationally: All machine surfaces in the loading area are entirely smooth and therefore especially easy to clean. The side panels are easy to hinge for full cleaning access of inside components. Soft key selector switch for cleaning mode ("tools up") to prevent water damage and condensation water built-up. Our defined cleaning processes and cleaning agents are certified by independent hygiene institutes. You receive cleaning training videos as part of our machine documentation. Our machines are certifiable according to 3A Dairy; we also fully comply with DIN EN 1672-2 and NSF/ANSI 14159-1. 

  • Sanitary open frame design
  • No greasing of bearings required
  • Cleaning mode for tooling and transport chains
  • Cleaning mode for tooling and transport chains
  • Sloped surfaces and hinged side sheets 


Intuitive operation using pictograms, and easy change of language for the user interface. Faults are displayed in easily comprehensible plain text in the selected language The personalized, configurable user interface simplifies each operator's individual access A graded authorisation system with reliable access control safeguards operation. The relevant process data for processing a product with its packaging are saved as a recipe in the machine controller. These recipes can optionally be saved on a USB stick for data backup. The machine's operating system can also be stored on a standard Compact Flash (CF) card. This way the original machine status can be completely restored after replacing the control hardware. On replacement of process peripherals (e.g. a drive unit controller), the required control parameters from the controller can be transferred to the periphery controller (Plug and play). GEA Controls are ideally suited to operate the machine both as stand-alone, or fully integrated into the company's network. On on-board Ethernet interface is standard! Optional RFID tags allow for an access control to quality relevant machine settings. Troubleshooting and error evaluation via remote access and VNC viewer. Customized HMI surface: Individual selection of most frequently used icons on front page. 

  • Proven, non- proprietary PLC with IPC functionality; network ready
  • Unlimited recipe storage
  • Recipe backup
  • PLC program backup on CF card; Remote access for trouble shooting
  • Intuitive, symbol- based HMI surface; Optional RFID tag controlled individual access levels

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