Sweet success from day one

GEA Elba Sugar Cube line

Sweet success from day one

GEA Elba Sugar Cube Line

Leading the way in sugar cube production

This all-in-one line lets you vary sugar cube shapes and sizes as well as offering creative packaging options. With a small footprint and low energy use, it will minimize your costs while maximizing your flexibility. For more than 60 years, GEA has led the market in perfecting sugar cube manufacturing. With its impressive record of more than 500 installed machines around the world, the GEA Elba Sugar Cube Line name has been synonymous with innovation, optimal flexibility and automation.

Main applications

Sugar Cube shapes

For sugar cubes in all shapes and sizes to suit specific market needs and enable creativity in product development. Just imagine, for example: Christmas tree cubes for the festive season or heart shaped cubes for Valantine's Day!

Flexible & future proof

  • A single line that does it all: forming, drying and packaging
  • The flexibility to create cubes in multiple sizes, shapes and box options
  • Easily change cube shape, height or density by switching toolsets fast or adjusting line settings
  • Develop and produce your future product ideas on this line. Give us a call to find how we can help.

Compact and cost efficient 

  • Compact design means less floor space per ton of sellable product
  • Low cost per pack thanks to unmatched production efficiency and low energy use
  • Automated production for easy operation and minimum staff requirement
  • Save more money through minimizing waste and simplifying maintenance routines

More than just equipment

  • Installation, floor layout advice and on-site performance validation all included
  • Dedicated team and spare parts program are here to support you with a complete aftersales service 
  • Professional training program for your staff
  • Over 60 years’ global sugar cube know-how means we help you optimize production wherever you are

Advanced technology

Unique energy-saving drying system

Food safety is supremely important. Our patented microwave drying technology offers a highly controlled, hygienic process giving you the highest food safety in the market today. Eliminate the chance of overheating, underheating or contamination caused by conventional ceramic heaters. Our unique system also heats your cubes quickly and consistently with shorter line times than traditional systems.

Fully automated production

Seamlessly integrate your product flow from raw materials to fully packed cubes on a single machine. Optimize the production process to meet your customer needs perfectly. And, using our unique Efficiency Monitoring Tool, you have complete oversight on every element of the machine’s performance so your team can keep the equipment performing to the max throughout its lifetime.

Technical details

Complete line specifications GEA Elba Sugar Cube Line
Cube length 8 to 30 mm
Cube height 9 to 20 mm
Capacity 700 - 3000 kg/h
Dieset drum possibility 10, 11, 12 and 24 rows of cubes
Packing speed Up to 35 pcs/min
Packer carousel 3 to 7 boxes
Box errector 35-100 box/min
Box closing 35-140 box/min

Perfect sugar cubes in three easy steps

1. Forming the sugar cube

Cubes are formed in the GEA ElbaCuber to user-specified size, weight, shape and hardness. Cubes can be formed to match specific market needs and promotional objectives or to produce seasonal product variations such as Christmas tree-shaped cubes for the festive season or heart-shaped cubes for Valentine's Day. All you need to do is quickly and simply change the dieset and you're good to go.

2. Drying the sugar cube

The GEA ElbaDryer cures and dries cubes for stable, low end-moisture content and the right packing humidity. Patented microwave technology cuts drying times and energy costs by instant heating and natural evaporation in the conditioner. 30% shorter than other systems, it is compact without compromising on food safety. Modular design lets you match the number of microwave ovens to your output.

3. Packing the sugar cube

The ElbaPacker can pack cubes into a range of box sizes. GEA’s unique packing concept combines maximum flexibility with minimum changeover times using the machine’s smart controls so you can replicate production specs for particular customers at the touch of a button. The ElbaPacker is easy to operate and clean too. We can also integrate the cube feed into your own wrapping process if you prefer.

Modular concept

The GEA Elba Line is engineered as a modular concept, helping customers choose the configuration matching their needs and production specifics. Its flexibility also means that it will also be able to adapt to new developments which may arise - making it future proof and a sound long term investment.

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