Data capture for your road tanker fleet

Data Capture System ZEVODAT-flash™


Data capture for your road tanker fleet

ZEVODAT-flash™ is an electronic device to use for the indication, data storage, control, and transfer of measured values such as mass, volume, temperature, etc. Control functions for the measuring system components, such as the pump, valves, sampler, are already integrated in this device.

The printing interface allows for the additional option of printing out all relevant data significant for the supplier.

All the described functions of the ZEVODAT-flash™ are typically required for the collection of milk by tank trucks.



  • Graphics display for the simultaneous indication of e.g. quantity, temperature, and supplier 
  • Graphical representation of the course of the cleaning process 
  • Perfect contrast with a wide reading angle 
  • Control and monitoring of the air eliminator 
  • Standard supplier identification via GPS 
  • 3,000 reception up to 100 tours (data memory up to 2G bytes) 
  • All outputs are short circuit proof 
  • Operating mode via menu and display keys 
  • User-friendly by large and colored buttons 
  • Download for supplier information (e.g. laboratory data) 
  • Control and monitoring of the CIP process 
  • Language switch-over in the basic version from German to English 
  • Long-term memory for data back-up for 3 months 


  • Data transfer socket for data transfer via cable 
  • Printer type EPSON TM88 or type DI-PRINT™ 
  • Sampler for individual samples or tour samples 
  • Barcode scanner for sample identification 
  • Barcode scanner for supplier identification 
  • Built-in modem for data transfer via GSM or GPRS 
  • Extension of the integrated languages 
  • Terminal for remote indication and remote control 
  • Possible hardware extensions (Profibus, Bluetooth) for different applications 

Software Tool RATZ™

Together with the ZEVODAT-flash™ GEA offers the newly developed software tool “RATZ™” – Remote Access Tool for ZEVODAT-flash™. Combined with either GSM or GPRS data transfer technology, RATZ™ enables you to get connected immediately with every milk collecting truck. That means that you can do both at the same time, monitoring the current status of the collection procedure as well as accessing the procedure from the office whenever it might be necessary. With the remote transfer of new program sequences (software update) directly into the truck this new technology offers an unbeatable advantage. RATZ™ - a new function offering new possibilities for service and maintenance.

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