iSPRAY Teat Spray Vessel

The iSPRAY is designed to be easy to fit to a manual or automated teat spray system. It can be fitted into any brand or type of dairy.

Consisting of a heavy wall stainless steel pressure vessel in which the teat spray solution is stored and then pressurised by an air compressor. The teat spray solution is delivered to the spray gun(s), iNTELSPRAY2 or iPUD to be sprayed onto the cow’s teats.

Manual adjustable spray guns are available, which are generally connected to a dropper coil which holds the spray gun out of the way until it is needed. These will extend to 2.5 meters and retract to 500mm.

Automatic teat spray options include the iNTELSPRAY2 and iPUD.

Key Features

  • Easy to fit
  • Heavy 3mm wall stainless steel vessel comes with all fittings
  • Extra spray guns can be added as needed
  • Dropper coil holds spray gun out of the way
  • The stainless steel vessel comes complete with fittings, sight glass, funnel and over pressure protection.
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