Bottle Fillers Filler Fillstar DX

Filling machine for pasteurized milk into PET or HDPE bottles

The Fillstar DX is a low-medium-speed filling system for pasteurized white milk. It has a scrap-free, fully drainable design and automatic control. The Fillstar DX is compatible with the NeckFlex handling.

Hygienic design

Fillstar DX is the ultimate low-medium-speed filling system for any still product. It combines the highest hygiene levels with the best performance even for traditional filling.

Fillstar DX has a completely scrap-free design. It has a static tank positioned just above the filling valves making it fully drainable. No stagnation points and a special product recovery duct under the filling nozzles make sure that the system completely recovers any product during the start-up cycle, the product changeover and at the end of production.

The filling valve runs automatically during the production and cleaning phases. The electronic, volumetric filling valve has no moving parts in contact with the product; the filling is achieved without any contact between the filling nozzle and the bottle neck and with a double filling speed that optimizes filling accuracy.

The Fillstar DX is housed inside a Clean Box that has a sterile air flow around the filling-capping area, with a 10Pa ambient overpressure, for the cleanest filling performance.

An automatic external foaming system is available as an option for a complete external COP of the filling bloc.



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