Overview of the analysts' investment recommendations


The investment recommendations shown below are not based on analyses by GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft but on analyses, reports, recommendations or ratings of third parties, particularly equity research analysts. References to such recommendations and ratings are for informational purposes only and do not imply that GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft adopts, supports or confirms in any way the recommendations, opinions or conclusions of the equity research analysts. GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft accepts no liability for the selection, currency, completeness or correctness of the recommendations and estimates shown. None of the information on this website is intended as an offer or encouragement to buy GEA shares. GEA AG accepts no liability for damages or losses incurred by third parties based on information published on this website.

Institution Analyst Target Price (current)
Kepler-Cheuvreux Hans-Joachim Heimbürger 33,00
Morningstar Denise Molina 47,00
RBC Capital Wasi Rizvi 37,00
Morgan Stanley Lucie A Carrier 39,00
Credit Suisse Max Yates 35,00
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Alexander Virgo 34,00
Institution Analyst Target Price (current)
Citigroup Klas Bergelind 31,00
Hamburger Sparkasse Ingo Schmidt n/a
Goldman Sachs Jack O’Brien 32,50
Equita SIM SpA Gianmarco Bonacina 36,00
Barclays  Lars Brorson 31,00
M.M. Warburg Arash Roshan Zamir 38,00
UBS Sven Weier 35,00
HSBC André Finke 32,00
Baader-Helvea Peter Rothenaicher 34,00
Independent Research Sven Diermeier 35,00
Berenberg Sebastian Kuenne 30,00
Société Générale
Sebastian Ubert 36,00
LBBW Harald Rehmet 27,00
JP Morgan / Cazenove Glen H. Liddy 29,00
equinet Bank AG Sebastian Augustin 33,00
NordLB Wolfgang Donie 28,00
Jefferies Peter Reilly 32,00
MainFirst Bank AG Daniel Gleim 30,00
Hauck & Aufhäuser Hennig Breiter 30,00
Deutsche Bank Felicitas von Bismarck 30,00
Institution Analyst Target Price (current)
Commerzbank Sebastian Growe 25,00
DZ Bank AG Thorsten Reigber 21,00
Bankhaus Metzler Jasko Terzic 27,00
AlphaValue Hans-Peter Wodniok 30,10
Bankhaus Lampe Gordon Schönell 28,00