GEA VR experience

GEA Virtual Reality allows you to explore our products and solutions, using just a smartphone and cardboard headset. You can also enjoy the experience by viewing the link on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Either option is a great way to visualize new technology from GEA.
Virtual reality cardboard goggles

CookStar SuperHeatSmoke

Travel inside the GEA CookStar and discover new market opportunities for smoked products.

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GEA Robotic Milking Solutions - Box-Style Robots for Large Herd Configurations

Check out our “Wet-Barn” and “All-In” barn configurations for today’s growing herd sizes.

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GEA Robotic Milking Solutions - Robotic Rotary Configurations

Milk up to 600 cows per hour, with only one operator overseeing the parlor. See how this solution can fit within your current farm footprint.

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