Engineering for a better world – Our pledge to you

The outbreak and spread of coronavirus and lung disease COVID-19 caused by the virus are an unprecedented event that is already having an enormous impact worldwide and is likely to continue to do so for some time to come.

The necessary measures taken by governments and authorities are to be welcomed, as they all serve one purpose: To slow down the spread of the coronavirus in order to prevent our health systems from collapsing and thus ultimately protect human life. We all have our part to play in ensuring that this can be achieved.

We at GEA are aware of our social responsibility, including our responsibility for the safety and health of our customers and employees. We took appropriate precautionary measures at a very early stage. In addition to increased hygiene measures, canteen closures and access restrictions for external personnel and other visitors, we have kept the travel activities of our employees to a minimum. Travel (if allowed by authorities) is limited exclusively to urgently needed customer projects and on-site customer support and is coordinated in advance with you, the customer. For employees who are fully able to work from home, possibilities have been created to do so.

Due to the current very dynamic situation, GEA crisis teams work closely together on a global as well as local levels and reassess daily where we stand with regard to the health and working ability of our employees and also with regard to our ability to deliver and deploy. 

As one of the largest system providers for the food processing industry and other critical infrastructure sectors, we give particular attention to securing the delivery to you - our customers. We do all we can to not only execute ongoing orders and projects on time, but also to maintain our supply of spare parts and services, whether for new machines or maintenance services for existing plants. Should problems occur in individual cases, we will work together with you to find solutions.

Your GEA contact persons will of course remain available to you during these times and will do their utmost to support you during this difficult phase.

We thank you and our partners worldwide for the continued cooperation in these difficult times.

To find out more about how GEA is dealing with the pandemic and supporting customers and communities around the world, visit us here.

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