Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety are GEA’s number one priority as healthy employees are essential for productivity and quality. The objective is for all parties involved to assume responsibility and jointly create a working environment that makes sure that employees are and remain healthy while precluding work-related illness and workplace injury whenever possible. GEA also expects its contract partners and subcontractors to guarantee such working conditions.

Safety at work

It is encouraging that the number of accidents has continuously declined. Accordingly, the Lost Day Frequency Rate dropped to 6.18 accidents per million working hours in 2017. In 2017, a total of 242 accidents were reported, with 85 sites – i.e. 57 percent of all GEA locations – remaining accident free. 2017 was another year without fatal industrial accidents. The Lost Day Severity Rate climbed to 172.18. This implies that, once again, there were fewer accidents, but a higher amount of working days lost. 

In 2017, KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft conducted a limited assurance audit for the occupational safety indicators.

  Key figures occupational safety 2017* 2016 2015 
Number of industrial accidents 242 264 295
Number of Days Lost 6,716 6,338 5,198
Lost Day Frequency Rate1 6.18 6.69 7.27
BA Equipment 8.90 8.44 9.57
BA Solution 3.37 5.18 5.24
Lost Day Severity Rate2 172.18 159.82 128.07
BA Equipment 229.37 195.30 165.10
BA Solution 113.89 130.99 97.14
Near misses (Proactive injury rate, PAIR)3 97.1    
Total Injury Rate, TIR3 45.2    
Accident free sites, in percentage of all locations 57.0  
* Audited by KPMG

1) Frequency of accidents: lost time injuries per million working hours; GEA counts up to 365 days of time lost
2) Severity rate: days lost broken down by types of accident per million working hours; GEA counts up to 365 days of time lost
3) Per million working hours

Health management

GEA already offers the GEA Care health management scheme at 19 sites. In the year under review, experiences gained within the framework of these projects were brought together for the purpose of developing a group-wide program. GEA plans to offer employees experiencing particular levels of stress and strain training in the fields of stress management and mindfulness. The call for tenders to external service providers was made in the year under review, with worldwide implementation being scheduled for the year 2018 in close cooperation with the works council.

Security management

GEA’s security management provides a comprehensive and reliable service to employees who set off on worldwide business trips on behalf of GEA, even prior to their respective departure. This includes detailed travel and security information for every region around the globe. Should an employee nonetheless get caught up in an emergency while he or she is away on business, they can contact the 24/7 “GEA Security and Support Hotline”: In the event of health-related issues, the company’s Medical Support Service Hotline provides assistance and ensures appropriate medical care or even repatriation, if need be. Via a security app, GEA employees can also obtain medical and security-related information on a group location at any time or directly contact the 24-hour hotline at GEA’s Security Center. If employees have booked their business trip via the “GEA Travel Center”, they can be tracked everywhere in the world via the so-called “travel tracker” while en route. In the event of crises like natural disasters or political unrest, GEA’s security management team may quickly respond and intervene.