Supply Chain

Supply chain compliance

Profitability and liquidity

GEA customers do not only consider quality, efficiency and safety as well as correct behavior in business to be important in connection with GEA’s products and services, but also with regard to the entire supply chain. Only by observing fundamental compliance standards and adhering to the basic principles of occupational health and safety while respecting the environment along the entire supply and value chain will the company ensure the necessary trust that forms the bedrock of each and every business relationship, which is why this area is given highest priority. 

GEA practices a zero-tolerance policy with regard to unethical behavior in business transactions, in particular in connection with bribery, corruption or forced labor. GEA expects all its suppliers to abide by comparable standards and to demonstrate ethically correct behavior in the conduct of their business. As a technology group with a high level of materials expertise, GEA sources its raw materials, goods and services worldwide by relying solely on qualified suppliers to ensure the sustained success of its customers by providing innovative product and service solutions.

The new group structure allowed GEA to establish a streamlined OneGEA procurement organization. In this context, the company put in place a new procurement portal.

The registration process requires that suppliers commit themselves to adhering to the code of conduct established by the German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics. The code refers to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption. By the end of the period under review, a total of 740 suppliers had registered since the launch of the portal in May 2016. 

GEA continuously screens all suppliers. As a rule, these screenings also embrace environmental and social criteria. Key suppliers are inspected on a yearly basis. In 2017 the company conducted 453 supplier screenings (previous year: 300).