Business and Governance

The production of processed foods and beverages represents one of the world’s most stable growth markets that is expected to enjoy continuous growth over the coming decades.

GEA Center Düsseldorf

As a technology leader, GEA offers these markets machinery, components, systems and process plants that guarantee safe process control as well as highest efficiency and hygiene standards.

All GEA stakeholders expect the company to show economic strength. The latter guarantees jobs, efficient and innovative products, reasonable shareholder value, as well as sound investments, value creation – also outside of the company – and social engagement. 

Profitability and liquidity

Being a listed company, GEA has a particular responsibility towards its investors. Its focus is placed on growth, operational efficiency as well as cash management. GEA’s primary objective is to sustainably increase enterprise value by accomplishing profitable growth. For the purpose of providing the necessary financial leeway and focusing the group even more closely on cash flow generation, the cash flow driver margin represents one performance indicator of the group that is also firmly embedded in the bonus system. For this reason, GEA reports this key figure as an indicator of economic performance.