Sustainability is a major challenge nowadays, for all of us. In a world where more and more people are moving to urban centers and disposable income is increasing steadily, demand for better food and medicines is on the rise. To cope with that growing demand, we need large-scale industrial production to provide safe, high-quality food. As we all know, water and energy are becoming increasingly scarce commodities and environmental norms are becoming ever stricter. That’s why we need efficient, resource-saving, reliable production processes.

Energy efficiency plays a key role in achieving sustainability in process industries

SEnS – Sustainable Energy Solutions

Energy efficiency plays a key role in achieving sustainability in process industries. So, not surprisingly, it’s high on your agenda and on ours. Heat production and subsequent chilling account for roughly 60% of the cost of food processing. That’s because food, beverage and dairy processors require precise temperatures for optimum product quality. By implementing energy-efficient refrigeration and heat pump solutions utilizing natural refrigerants such as ammonia and CO2, you can improve your heating performance by up to 70%.

Now is the time to act, together

We’ve made it our mission to find ways to lower your energy consumption, minimize your operating costs, and reduce your carbon footprint. By combining expertise in both process technology and utilities, GEA offers you a viable answer to your energy challenges. Our team of experts design tailor-made solutions and implement them into detailed engineering, incorporating utility functions into your production processes in a smart way. This enables you to lower your energy usage and operating costs by 30%, cut CO2 and NOx emissions by up to 90%, reduce water consumption, potentially eliminate your boiler, and reuse waste heat from your refrigeration plant for other heating purposes, such as heat treatment and pasteurization.


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GEA’s Sustainable Energy Solutions – will enable you to integrate process solutions with cooling & heating demands in the best possible way. What can you expect? A holistic approach by our top experts and added value for your business and the environment. We maximize the performance of your production process and provide measurable, innovative solutions with short payback times aimed at reducing your total cost of ownership. Our approach leads to a reduction in primary energy use and avoids direct CO2 emissions, paving the way for a closed loop and zero carbon production.

Let’s engineer for a better world together, today and tomorrow.