Przetwarzanie sera typu „pasta filata”

GEA has been providing complete end-to-end production lines to the cheese manufacturing industry for decades. Drawing on our global experience, industry know-how and engineering expertise we bring together the very best in automated cheese production techniques and equipment.

Pasta filata processing solutions

Cheese consumption is increasing rapidly worldwide. This is particularly true for pasta filata, or stretched-curd cheeses such as mozzarella, provolone and caciocavallo. Whether eaten alone or used as ingredients in a wide range of recipes, the subtle, fresh flavors of pasta filata cheeses have made them a perennial favorite with consumers. The popularity of these cheeses offers widespread opportunities for manufacturers, but competition is fierce. Producers need to remain flexible to meet consumer demands, and employ robust, reliable technologies to optimize quality and efficiency. 

GEA offers state-of-the-art solutions, combined with industrial and processing expertise to ensure the highest quality manufacturing for all types of pasta filata cheese.

The secret of the perfect pasta filata cheese

There is no secret to producing the perfect pasta filata cheese – at least not for GEA.

We know that a range of variables, including humidity, processing water and starter cultures, can all impact on product quality. Starter cultures, for example, are very sensitive to temperature. To produce cheese with high quality and long shelf-life, we have developed highly versatile, industry-leading processing equipment that can be tailored to fit in with local conditions and resources.

We also share our extensive experience and know-how with customers through on-site training sessions at customers’ facilities. GEA specialists can instruct even beginners in the field of cheese manufacture on how to produce cheese professionally. This training has proven invaluable, and about 80% of our cheese processing projects and contracts now involve individual training sessions.

GEA also works with customers to adapt or to optimize installed equipment, while our food technologists can help customers to develop new recipes and processes. And even when we are not on-site, we may be able to remotely monitor PLC-equipped machines so that our customers can be confident that GEA technologies will continue to operate optimally and process consistently high quality products.

Fresh mozzarella – the queen of cheeses

Producing fresh mozzarella depends on in depth know-how and precise processing. Many small details can impact on ultimate product quality. The cooling process, for example, is critical to the production of mozzarella. If the cheese is cooled too quickly then thermal shock can result, which leads to disruption of the skin and cheese dehydration. 

GEA has an in depth understanding of cheese-specific processing issues, and we offer flexible, versatile processing systems and solutions that can be configured to meet every requirement, so that our customers can produce top quality fresh mozzarella, and many other types of pasta filata cheese.. 

Fully integrated process lines

As single-source provider, GEA can supply all the equipment needed to produce the world’s finest pasta filata cheeses. What makes us unique is our ability to seamlessly bring individual technologies together to form the world’s most advanced production lines.

Our equipment works together to deliver maximum productivity, energy efficiency, low cost of ownership and ultimate product quality. Our scope of supply includes:

Customized equipment

GEA realizes that standardized equipment may not always fit available space or meet local needs or conditions. We can tailor and custom-configure our equipment to match every processing and plant requirement, and maintain the highest quality assurance. In partnership with our customers we can find the ideal solutions for any given parameter, including space, product quality, energy consumption and investment.

Success stories from all over the world

GEA has more than 40 years of experience working with companies of all kinds and sizes. We offer you the best technologies in combination with industry-leading knowledge.

Some of our notable successes include:

  • construction of the largest automatic plant for pasta filata cheese in Belarus
  • installation of the longest jet salting vat in Argentina
  • construction of several plants producing special Oaxaca cheese in Mexico
  • development of a solution to double the production of an already installed line in Denmark


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