Index Cleaners Index Tank Washer Fury 602

The index tank washer Fury 602 is a compact cleaning unit with a unique piston operated mechanism. It produces high impact, long range jets which oscillate through 90° while the tankwasher continually indexes around the central axis. The tank washer Fury 602 is powered entirely by the cleaning fluid. Only 5% of the wash drives the mechanism, 95% passes directly to the nozzles, maximising jet impingement. The Fury 602 is ideal where rigorous standards of hygiene and product purity are essential.


The versatile tank washer Fury 602 offers 180° wash patterns for process vessels, storage tanks, and transport containers. These cleaners are used extensively in the brewing, distilling, dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, coatings, nuclear, and transport industries. Lightweight and compact, the Fury 602 can be used on a mobile basis or permanently installed.


  • Low Maintenance - Low Service Costs
  • Low Flat Rates - Low Effluent Costs
  • Fast Wash Time - Reduces Down Time
  • 180° Wash Pattern