The Innovation for Artisan Craft Breweries Warzelnia rzemieślnicza CRAFT-STAR™

Designed for a batch size of 40 hl (35 U.S. bbl)

In addition to the established COMPACT-STAR™ brewhouse line for mid-sized breweries, a new Huppmann brewhouse for artisan craft breweries is now available – the CRAFT-STAR™. The CRAFT-STAR™ is a skid-mounted brew system, designed for a batch size of 40 hl (35 U.S. bbl) hot wort.

Flexible and versatile

The 2-vessel configuration with mash/lauter tun and Whirlpool/wort kettle is ready for single-step infusion mashing and the efficient solution for ale breweries.

The 3-vessel configuration with mash tun, lauter tun and Whirlpool/wort kettle for up to 5 brews/day is ready for all infusion and decoction mashing regimes and thus allowing to brew a wide range of international beer styles, such as:

Abbey Ale, Amber, Baltic Porter, Barley Wine, Bavarian Dunkel, Bitter, Blond Ale, Bock, California Common, Czech Pilsener, English Brown Ale, European Lager, Extra Special Bitter, Franconian Dunkel, Altbier, German Pils, Golden Ale, Gueuze, Hefeweizen, Honey Beer, India Pale Ale, Imperial IPA, Irish Red Ale, Koelsch, Lager Premium, London Porter, Maerzen, Milk Stout, Munich Helles, Oatmeal Stout, Oktoberfest, Pale Ale, Pub Wheat, Rauchbier, Russian Imperial Stout, Rye Ale, Seasonal, Stout, Vienna Lager, Zwickel.   

Optimized and off-the-shelf

The CRAFT-STAR™ is designed as an off-the-shelf system, to ensure the lowest possible engineering costs for the customers – but with the same expertise as our traditional brewhouses for larger breweries. It respects as many possible impacts from the very beginning, e.g. for increased wort gravities of typical U.S. brewing recipes, being prepared for earthquake zone locations, or for ASME design conformity.  

The brewhouse is pre-piped and pre-wired to a ready-to-install unit and tested in our workshops prior to shipping. That guarantees minimized installation periods, commissioning times and related costs on site.  

The best of German brewing technology, engineered, manufactured and designed for sustainability, efficiency and versatility.  

The idea behind the CRAFT-STAR™ was to provide a cost-efficient alternative to standard brewing systems, without cutting back on quality related technological features. The result is an efficient, high-quality brewing system offering everything you need – No frills, just great brews! 

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GEA brewpub Separator Skid

The GEA brewpub separator skid is a ready-to-go centrifuge package unit to clarify beer, wort and other products in brewpubs and smaller breweries. It is the ideal starter skid designed for the particular needs of microbrewies.

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Vessels at a glance

Mash tun with GEA pre-masher, GEA mash agitator and high-performance dimple plates. 

 Mash/lauter tun with GEA pre-masher, LAUTERSTAR™ technology, height adjustable raking machine and differential-pressure lautering. 

Lauter tun with LAUTERSTAR™ technology, height adjustable raking machine and differential-pressure lautering. 

Whirlpool/wort kettle with external wort heater and circulation loop for whirlpooling. 

CRAFT-STAR™ vessels are delivered insulated with a fully welded and polished outside cladding for perfect visual appearance. 

The base frame of the CRAFT-STAR™ holds all related pumps, valves and components as well as the power cabinets. Manual valves and pumps are conveniently operated from the front side. The frame functions also as operator platform including stairs and railing. 

Semi-automatic control

The combination of manual and pneumatic valves is the basis for the semi-automatic control with GEARBOXX™. This system controls the quality relevant processes (mashing, lautering, wort boiling, whirlpooling) and covers more than 80 % of the entire brewing process. Including visualization on a touch panel monitor, recipe editor and database, switch of manual and automatic mode, process parameter monitoring, curve visualization and a brew report.