ESL Fillers ESL Filler Fillstar FX

Filling machine Fillstar ESL FX for still ESL beverages with or without fibres and pulps has a high performance in terms of hygiene and filling accuracy

The Fillstar FX ESL series is the range of volumetric electronic fillers for high speed production. The range uses magnetic flow meters for accuracy and is suitable for filling any still product: viscous drinks, or clear drinks, high or low acid, with or without pulps, fibres and pieces.

Hygienic filling of ESL still products

The Fillstar FX ESL features a sterile buffer tank, located on top of the filling carrousel, that feeds the product through a linear path pushed by an overpressure of sterile air or sterile nitrogen gas. The magnetic flow meter identifies the volume of product required for the size of bottle being filled and closes a membrane valve when the pre-set quantity is reached. Its dual-speed design (slow speed mode is used at beginning and end of filling cycle) prevents foaming even when filling critical products.

There is no contact between the filling nozzle and the bottle and the flow meter is the only moving part in contact with the product. This avoids cross contamination. 

FX ESL fillers use steam to guarantee optimal hygiene and internal sterilization. CIP and SIP are completely automatic and use a dummy bottle system. A complete automatic external foaming cycle (SOP) is available as an option.

The Fillstar FX ESL is equipped with a specific product recovery duct that allows the start-up, product changeover and end of production phases to be completed without any loss of product.

All Fillstar FX ESL fillers are housed inside a Clean Box that has a sterile air flow around the filling-capping area, with a 10Pa ambient overpressure, to prevent re-contamination.

FX range of electronic fillers

  • FX filling valve for still clear products
  • FX P Evo filling valve for still products with and without pulps and fibers with maximum dimensions of 3 mm diameter x 20 mm length
  • FX C filling valve for still products with and without pulps, fibers and pieces with dimensions up to 6x6x6 mm


Fillstar FX ESL machines feature the unique NeckFlex handling system that allows the fast product changeover of any container with the same neck design. They are available for PET and HDPE containers and have either a simple, hygienic, washable mechanical capper system that takes its design directly from aseptic bottling technology; or a rotary turret for applying foil closures that is fully integrated into the bloc and doesn’t affect the speed of the machine.