Guidance on contained materials handling in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries is available from GEA, highlighting the company’s long history of expertise and unparalleled depth of experience in the field of solid dosage containment.

Containment issues are becoming an increasingly important aspect of solid dosage form production, especially for highly potent and toxic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for hormone and oncology applications. With a more intense focus on health and safety, avoiding both operator exposure and preventing cross-contamination is critical.

With thousands of global implementations and more than 20 years of experience, GEA has been actively involved in many powder containment Communities of Practice, including the development of ISPE's SMEPAC guidelines for evaluating containment equipment, and in the latest risk-based approach to the selection of containment equipment.

Navigating the maze of available hardware components and the huge variety of containment solutions has made it progressively more difficult to select the most appropriate equipment for the specified task: suppliers of various hardware components have developed a huge variety of containment solutions, making it difficult — even for experienced people — to decide on the optimal solution.

The publication, complete with case studies and sections focusing on equipment design, smart hardware, compression, contamination-free sampling, integrated cleaning and process intelligence, provides a comprehensive guide to GEA’s range of robust and compliant containment products.

Phil Gabb, Sales Director, commented: “With an increasing emphasis on both operator safety and product protection, GEA has pioneered pharmaceutical containment. We can assist and advise you to determine what level of containment is required where and when, optimizing the manufacturing process and making it efficient, safe and cost-effective. We provide tailor-made containment for the pharmaceutical industry — for now and for the future.”

“One of the key benefits of working with GEA is that we can supply an entire, completely integrated, containment system, from raw materials handling right the way through to tableting. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive containment experience and discuss your specific project,” he added. 

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