Düsseldorf (Germany), October 26, 2015 – For over 50 years, Christian Berner AB has represented German GEA process technologies in Sweden. GEA has implemented a new organizational structure in order to enhance closeness to customers, and is now accordingly reorganizing its sales channels. In Sweden, GEA is expanding its sales force at its Gothenburg office and is therefore ending its long-term collaboration with Christian Berner AB. This means that all process equipment and solutions will be available at one source, from the GEA Sweden office in Gothenburg.


Christian Berner AB has acted as agent and partner for parts of GEA for over 50 years, mainly within drying, evaporation, membrane filtration, and pharmaceutical processes.

“We have been highly satisfied with the work Christian Berner has done over the years, and it is with great appreciation for many years of premium service that we now terminate this collaboration. However, GEA has grown substantially – as has the Swedish market – and we are currently consolidating all our sales channels under local country organizations”, says Ansgar Hoffmann, regional Head North & Central Europe at GEA.

Daniel Frosterud, who has been Product Manager for GEA products at Christian Berner, will from November 1, 2015, join GEA as Sales Manager for the Solutions Business Area on the Swedish market.

“It is of course unfortunate to lose GEA as a long-standing partner – one which has always acted professionally in conducting our mutual business. However, we also understand that GEA needs to establish its own organization in light of the vast portfolio of products they now offer. We wish GEA and Daniel Frosterud success in their future business together,” says Bo Söderqvist, Managing Director at Christian Berner AB.

Any orders placed at Christian Berner until the end of 2015 will be handled as before. After January 1, 2016, all orders should be placed directly to GEA Sweden. This new arrangement concerns orders placed with the GEA Niro, GEA Wiegand, GEA Barr-Rosin, as well as GEA Pharma Systems technologies.

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