Inspiring Food Solutions is the theme for GEA Food Processing and Packaging’s stand at CIMIE. Three new products and three major redesigns are set to inspire visitors to the show. We at GEA are passionate about helping you, our customers, to improve your performance in food processing and packaging with the right technology, a number of innovations and of course our know-how.

GEA news & highlights will be presented @ CIMIE

  • New PowerGrind 200; which complements the successful GEA PowerGrind family 
  • Introduction of the 3rd generation GEA CookStar; the master of cooking 
  • GEA DeltaPak; the latest addition is an entry-level configuration that gives smaller-scale packaging operations access to the quality and reliability of the PowerPak platform. 
  • GEA Homestyle line solution; integrated line solution that gives the true homestyle look, feel and taste in a cost-effective way
  • New solutions to evolving your margination process

New double screw grinder

GEA PowerGrind
GEA PowerGrind

With the launch of a new double screw grinder (200 execution), GEA complemented the successful GEA PowerGrind family. These robust grinders are widely recognized as best-in-class for high-capacity grinding of both fresh and frozen meat.

Evolving the marination process

GEA YieldJector

Marination is represented on the stand with the GEA YieldJector. This brine injector is one of the key elements of GEA’s injection line and in combination with (optional) marinating, this solution delivers impressive long-term brine retention, guarantees the smallest possible deviation and reduces brine and marinade losses. And it does all this while improving the product appearance and juiciness.

Homestyle breading on boneless & bone-in chicken with GEA MultiDrum

GEA MultiDrum pozycja otwarta
GEA MultiDrum pozycja otwarta

The GEA MultiDrum 600 has revolutionized homestyle coating, and produces dry-coated products with an authentic appearance. It offers controllable pick-up levels and delivers considerable cost savings thanks to a significant reduction of manual handling.

3rd generation CookStar, the Master of Cooking

GEA CookStar 600
GEA CookStar 600

Now in its third generation, the GEA CookStar is the world’s only 3-phase cooking concept in a double spiral design. This patented 3-phase cooking, which combines horizontal airflow with a booster/turbo impingement zone, reduces cooking time and achieves a higher yield than pure horizontal airflow ovens. With the optional SuperHeatSmoke unit, smoked products can be made in-line. Although the machine will not be present at the booth, video and animations will show this innovation.

Entry-level thermoformer

GEA DeltaPak
Termoformierka GEA DeltaPak

The whole GEA PowerPak range has been re-defined to make it easier for customers to specify a thermoformer for a specific application. The latest addition, the GEA DeltaPak, is an entry-level configuration that gives smaller-scale packaging operations access to the quality and reliability of the PowerPak platform.