At an organizational level, GEA is structured into business areas. GEA sells its products and solutions via a country organization, and is headed by the listed company GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft.

Group structure
Two Business Areas

GEA`s operations in the areas of product development and manufacturing, and the provision of process solutions, are separated into two business areas, ‘Equipment’ and ‘Solutions’. The two business areas are of about equal strength, and allow the Group to exploit operational synergies across technologies and applications and to promote functional excellence through the standardization of processes.  

Country Organization

All customer-orientated sales and service activities are combined at the local level in one organization per country. By remaining independent at the national level, our sales and service operations can be more responsive to the needs of our local customers and their markets. This local insight and understanding facilitates growth opportunities in emerging markets. Each sales and service office can also manage requests and assistance covering the whole scope of GEA products and services. This allows us to identify potential areas or processes where a customer might benefit from GEA`s expertise and technology in complementary areas.


The Global Corporate Center bundles the steering and administrative functions. A Shared Service Center with two locations takes care of standardized administrative tasks from Accounting, HR and IT.