GEA SERVICE ‒ CONSTANTLY IMPROVING PR-OLEO® Premium-Quality Ammonia Refrigeration Oils

PR-OLEO® premium-quality ammonia refrigeration oils are highly refined 2-stage hydrocracked lubricants formulated specifically for use in ammonia refrigeration systems with either reciprocating or screw compressors.

Utilizing ultra-pure base oils and additives, PR-OLEO® lubricants offer significant advantages over common ammonia refrigeration oils and contribute to more efficient plant operation.

Applications and compatibility

Two versions of PR-OLEO® C-MH68A are available: 

  • PR-OLEO® C-MH68A – For use in new applications or when replacing other lubricants, contains seal conditioner
  • PR-OLEO® C-MH68A-FG – NSF H1 registered Food Grade for use in new applications where food safety is of critical importance

Main customer benefits

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • NSF H1 registered Food Grade option
  • Increased safety
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Suitable for piston and screw compressors
  • Reduced stock requirements

NSF Registered

NSF International Registered

PR-OLEO® C-MH68A-FG is registered by NSF International, Category Code H1 (incidental food contact), NSF Registration Number 155239

Technical properties

Main Properties   PR-OLEO® C-MH68APR-OLEO® C-MH68A-FG
Viscosity@ 40 ℃ (cSt)6462
Viscosity@ 100 ℃ (cSt)8.78.57
Viscosity Index108107
Pour Point ℃-42-42
Flash Point ℃245240


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