De luchtgekoelde SHG, SHA en SHGZ tweefase condensatiesystemen, evenals de GEA Plusbox (compleet condensatiesysteem voor buiten) behoren tot het productprogramma van semi-hermetische systemen.

1. Luchtgekoelde condensatiesystemenGEA presents you condensing units with a comprehensive range from 5,4 to 122,4 m³/h displacement. In the lower and medium capacity range, the compressors of the Pluscom generation come into use. All GEA units are constructed following a continuous “module“ principle. Models for higher ambient temperatures can be individually assembled on request

2. Plusbox condensatiesystemen voor buitenSeries of modularly built-up outdoor complete condensing unit based on semi-hermetic commercial GEA compressors and condensers. Through the modular building-block principle of the GEA Plusbox, the new condensing unit can be configured according to the individual requirements of the system builder. 

3. SHGZ Two-Stage Condensing Units
GEA offers an expansion of the unit series and includes also two-stage units in its product program.