Düsseldorf (Germany), April 20, 2016 – GEA’s D-tec stem diaphragm valves set new benchmarks in flow rate, flexibility and compatibility for ultraclean food and beverage applications.

GEA Presents the D-tec Stem Diaphragm Valve for Ultraclean Processing

Hygienic design is a well-established concept in the food and beverage industry and plays a key role in process and product safety. Based on the modular VARIVENT® system from GEA, the D-tec stem diaphragm valve offers several advantages for manufacturers, such as valve configuration flexibility and, owing to its hermetic seal design, higher standards of hygiene.

As a result, better quality products with a longer shelf-life can be produced, which is critical for success in the food, beverage and dairy industries. From a technical point of view, the valve comprises an elaborate combination of plastic and stainless steel, and offers reduced mechanical stress on the diaphragm during operation. As such, the valve sets new standards in terms of proven temperature resistance and cleanability. Furthermore, the integrity of the D-tec diaphragm can be monitored according to a defined leakage path.

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