Düsseldorf (Germany), April 20, 2016 – State-of-the-art valves provide enhanced levels of functionality and cleanliness. Designed with stringent hygiene requirements in mind for a wide range of applications, GEA’s rotary valves feature a state-of-the-art metering/airlock system and an easy slide rotor removal system that sets new standards of user-friendly functionality.

In addition, fully flush seals and gaskets inside the valve mean that dead spots are eliminated. Clean-in-place (CIP) and Wash-off-Line (WOL) compatible, the valves are easy to maintain and ensure product integrity at the start and finish of each cycle. As pioneers in metal detection technology with more than a decade of experience, GEA’s rotary valves can be equipped with a system that protects the powder product from potential metal contamination using a series of smart and robust alarms.

And, even in the unlikely event that metal dust progresses through the rotary valve, the GEA rotary magnet is designed to capture at least 97% of any stainless steel that passes through the unit, adding an additional layer of safety to maintain the quality and integrity of the product.

The rotary magnet, featuring a mounting/demounting system and specially configured magnet bars, is GEA’s newest addition to its ever-expanding portfolio of powder handling components.

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