Düsseldorf, November 17, 2015 – GEA regards responsible dealing with the environment, business, and society as the basis for long-term corporate success. The CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) has now presented GEA an award for its reporting on measures in the area of climate protection: “Best Improver Germany 2015.”

The CDP is an independent, non-profit organization that, on behalf of investors, collects environmental data – such as corporate CO2 emission, water consumption, and climate strategy – and publishes them in a register. Throughout the world, more than 800 institutional investors and around 3,000 companies participate in these efforts. Since 2007 GEA has voluntarily reported to the CDP. This distinction, awarded to GEA in November of 2015 on the occasion of the “Climate Leadership Award Ceremony & Conference” in Bonn, especially acknowledges the appreciable improvement of GEA in CDP ranking. This event was attended by representatives of leading companies listed on stock exchanges from the region consisting of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

“As an internationally active technological business, we bear special responsibility for our environment. For this reason, we are indeed pleased that we were able to globally improve our climate-relevant data over the past years, and that we have accordingly received recognition by the CDP for this improvement”, commented Jürg Oleas, CEO of GEA, on the positive results attained by GEA. “At the same time, however, we consider systematic identification and further optimization of energy consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions to be much more important than this distinction.”

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