Occupational health & safety

GEA gives top priority to occupational health and safety. Above and beyond legal requirements, GEA feels obligated to protect its own employees, individuals whose workplaces are controlled by GEA or who work on behalf of GEA as well as the people working for customers and suppliers, if possible and within reason.

Within the framework of GEA’s QHSE organization, the excellence level makes sure that contracts concluded with customers and suppliers/subcontractors are in line with the standards set by GEA and include relevant clauses on occupational health and safety as well as the related procedures, with the governance function establishing the respective standard processes. 

Key performance indicators for occupational safety 2019 K 2018 K 2017 K
Number of workplace accidents 232 243 242
Number of days lost 5,202 4,786 6,716
Lost Day Frequency Rate1 5.68 5.97 6.18
Lost Day Severity Rate2 127.44 117.58 172.18
Near misses (Proactive Injury Rate, PAIR)3 128.71 145.76 97.1
Total Injury Rate, TIR3 33.46 37.88 45.2
Accident-free sites, as a percentage of all sites 76 60 53

K) Audited by KPMG
1) Accident frequency: Lost time injuries per million hours worked; since 2018, GEA has counted periods of absence of up to 182 days pursuant to the European Statistics for Accidents at Work (ESAW); before, the relevant number of days was 365
2) Accident severity: Days lost after accidents per million hours worked; since 2018, GEA has counted periods of absence of up to 182 days pursuant to ESAW; before, the relevant number of days was 365
3) per million hours worked

Accidents at work Days lost by place of performance

Security management

GEA also fulfils its duty of care to its employees by providing a comprehensive security management. The “Major Incident Management Manual,“ for instance, outlines the procedures to be taken in the event of risky incidents that may have a potential impact on GEA’s security, operations or reputation or affect the security, safety, health and life of its employees or other stakeholders. 

GEA’s Security Management provides a comprehensive and reliable service to employees who set off on worldwide business trips on behalf of GEA, even prior to their respective departure. This includes detailed risk assessments as well as travel and security information for every region around the globe. Since 2019, GEA has been a member of the ASW West association (Allianz für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft West e.V. – German Association for Security in Industry and Commerce West reg. soc.), which offers a cross-sectoral platform for exchanging information  on security challenges; in the same year, the company also joined the Global Player Initiative of the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt – BKA), which not only provides a direct single point of contact at the BKA, but also promotes the exchange of information between major German companies up to actual cooperation in case of a crisis. Early on, preventive measures may be discussed and planned while preparing for a business trip. Particularly vulnerable groups (service and sales staff, employees assigned to major projects and construction sites in high risk third countries) are offered specific training. 

In addition, 2019 saw the expansion and improvement of the company’s internal crisis management scheme; a full-day series of lectures involving GEA top executives, senior officers from the Federal Criminal Police Office as well as consultants (amongst them a former kidnap victim) took place in autumn 2019 as a training measure for the crisis management team that is provided for in the Major Incident Management Manual. An exercise for this “Incident Management Team” is scheduled for the year 2020.

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