At GEA, we know that diamonds have to be carefully polished to sparkle in all their glory. As a market and technology leader in our business areas, we have a fundamental obligation to nurture talent and provide every opportunity for further development. That’s why we will shortly be launching a new International Graduate Program. Ten lucky people will have the chance to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience over a period of 24 months. 

They will enjoy individual mentoring from seasoned experts in their field, sample all aspects of the exciting world of GEA, gain international experience, learn about innovative technology at first hand, find out what they really excel at and – who knows – embark on a great career at GEA.

What awaits you within the program?

  • 24 exciting months
  • Up to 6 assignments in different departments of GEA
  • 1 challenging international assignment
  • Personal mentor with years of professional and managerial experience to support your growth
  • Ambitious team project to tackle together with your peer graduates
  • Strong focus on your individual and professional development 
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