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Future on board. Today.

Full speed ahead! When we make landfall at the Europort in Rotterdam, from November 5 – 8, 2019, we will already have the future on board. In keeping with our motto "Future on board. Today.", we invite you to join us on a grand and exciting voyage in hall 1 stand 1402. We're not just going to weigh anchor, we're heading out to sea at full speed. For example, check out our new GEA marine Separator. This series of machines and its service concept will be one of the highlights of our booth.

For a future-proof separation technology it was necessary to completely rethink marine separators and to set new standards with regard to ease of maintenance, personnel deployment, energy efficiency, operating costs and environmental protection - for example through the use of low-sulphur oil. The result is a revolutionary solution with integrated direct drive, an extremely simple service concept, compact design, more capacity per square meter of floor space and intelligent connectivity.


New GEA marine separator for more efficiency on board

The new GEA Separator for maritime applications changes the working day on board. After a service interval of 16,000 operating hours, the "Modular exchange drive unit" is replaced. The maintenance effort on board is reduced by up to 90% which makes unplanned maintenance almost impossible.

With an efficiency level of more than 96% and a savings potential of up to 30,000 kWh per year, the integrated direct drive is the heart of GEA's new separator series. This combined with a by 50 percent reduced space requirement, the GEA Separator is a great solution for numerous situations. 

On the safe side with GEA CatFineMaster

The fine-grained, hard, brittle and highly abrasive catalyst residues in fuels, known as cat fines, can cause considerable damage to marine engines. Under extreme conditions, they even lead to the total failure of the main engine. An effective countermeasure is the CatFineMaster from GEA. The system helps to ensure the performance, safety and economy of marine engines and propulsion technology at sea.

Fuel treatment in power plants is thus of utmost importance; the new CatFineMaster is able to perform this task extremely efficiently and reliably. The GEA CatFineMaster consists of a heavy fuel oil separator as the core and a feed pump. This pump can be controlled during operation in such a way that an optimally adjusted heavy fuel oil flow is guaranteed, taking into account the corresponding process requirements. This ensures an additional increase in efficiency and also leads to energy savings.


GEA EffiClean for the effective and time-saving cleaning of mineral oil separators

The manual cleaning of the disk stack of mineral oil separators has been a tedious, time-consuming and dirty matter. Dismantling was often required. With its service product EffiClean, GEA is presenting an innovative solution at the Europort with which disk stacks can be cleaned in just 20 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling, instead of usually up to eight hours.

With a minimum floor space of 0.4 m2, the mobile unit can be accommodated in the smallest of spaces and the robust stainless steel construction can withstand the demanding conditions of use. In conjunction with GEA EffiClean, the efficiency of the GEA marine separator is further enhanced.

Environmentally friendly cooling

The new environmentally friendly cooling system does not use the currently known expensive chemical cooling liquids, which will be phased out in due time. Instead of those liquids, the system uses a cheaper natural CO2. To reduce costs, it is developed as a modular system which means the units can be exchanged on existing ships during normal operation. Because of the high discharged temperatures inside the CO2 transcritical units, heat recovery has been added. An advantage of heat recovery is that you don't waste the already created heat. This results in high energy savings and an increased energy efficiency onboard. 

Screw compressors are just as the CO2 compressors getting more energy efficient. S
ustainable technologies are rapidly gaining importance for operating industrial and commercial refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-pump-systems. Growing public awareness and new environmental protection standards promote cleaner, eco-friendly energy sources. GEA offers comprehensive expertise and equipment for natural refrigerants, including ammonia (NH3 / R717), carbon dioxide (CO2  / R744 subcritical and transcritical), and hydrocarbons (HC / R290, R1270).  

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