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Innovative aseptic process auditing for filling blocks.

Protect the operation of your aseptic beverage plant and safeguard the final quality of your product by safely controlling the risks regarding every process parameter of an aseptic filling system.

Maintaining aseptic line conditions for high quality products

aseptic line

Maintaining aseptic line conditions is fundamental for all customers who produce sensitive drinks.
AseptiCheck® is an invaluable tool for checking that processes and aseptic procedures have been properly established and performed by operators, and that the handling and preparation of raw materials are correctly done, especially disinfection before transfer into the critical zone.

Execution and recording of in-process checks is of critical importance where the appropriate removal of product and waste materials might be improperly done because of ineffective cleaning procedures.  These waste time and money and can compromise product safety. AseptiCheck® is a complete procedure to check the aseptic processes of the plant.

GEA AseptiCheck® service covers the following needs

Customer needs

•    Check the microbiological performance of the line (environment sampling, number of market claims) for the previous two months.
•    Check of critical parameters of the sterilization cycles.
•    Check of the line status: cleaning, general efficiency.
•    Check of the microbiological performance of the line: environmental sampling, number of market claims.
•    Check of the line management by the operators.
•    Plant health and performance final report with suggestions for preserving and safeguarding the aseptic environment.

Protect your plant and boost your sales

Product contamination aseptic beverage

Product contamination with unknown particles is a critical quality control issue. The affected production batch may have to be discharged and production stopped, costing valuable time and money and brand reputation; it is one of the most important losses that can occur in a beverage plant.

GEA has experienced internal line validators and state-of-the-art knowledge that supports a fast and systematic approach to auditing the equipment operation, the aseptic processes and procedures, and the competence of the staff involved in the line management.


Your benefits at a glance

• Transparency: Clear and objective evaluation of the current microbiological status of the equipment.
• Sustainability: Establish procedures which ensure consistent production environment conditions.
• Efficiency: Limit OPEX and reduce downtime by optimizing the sanitation processes.
• Availability: Assurance that the equipment is always in good condition and ready for safe production.
• Productivity: Enhance your profit by preventing poor quality and safety issues.

GEA AseptiCheck® will ensure:

• The block’s sterilization and cleaning cycles
• Bottle sterilization and rinsing water cycles
• Air filtration cycles
• Monitoring and faults management