Antibacterial Solutions

Disinfectants and antibacterial solutions to prevent footrot and treat open wounds.


Dairy Farming_Formalin 20L

General purpose disinfectant recommended for use in the treatment and prevention of footrot. It kills bacteria and helps to harden hooves.

  • Most effective when used as a foot bath so the cows’ hooves are completely covered with the solution for maximum penetration into the skin
  • Suitable for sheep, goats and cattle
  • Can also be used as a disinfectant for animal houses, cages and equipment

Footrot Aerosol

Animal Health and Nutrition Footrot Aerosol

A strong antibacterial aerosol spray solution recommended for treatment of footrot in sheep, goats and cattle

  • Convenient aerosol for easy application
  • Eliminates spread of infection as there is no need to touch the infected area

Stockholm Tar

Animal Health and Nutrition Stockholm Tar

Strong antibacterial solution for treatment at de-horning, or to seal shearing cuts and cracked hooves in cattle, sheep and horses.

Other uses 

  • Provides natural seal on exposed plant branches after pruning
  • A good possum repellent - paint at the base of trees to keep them off

Spray Iodine

Dairy Farming_Spray Iodine 750mL

An iodine antiseptic solution for applying to calf navels, comes in a handy spray bottle.

  • Great antiseptic solution to assist in the sanitization of calf navels

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