Slicing Loader - GEA OverLapper


The GEA OverLapper can be integrated into a GEA ShingleLoader line. In this case its controls are also integrated into the ShingleLoader controls. It also can be used as a stand-alone unit with own controls and display and so placed before/after any other equipment as required by the process. Depending on amount of sliced lines and needed overlapping configurations a wide range of machine configurations is available.

Slicing Loader - GEA OverLapper

Working principle

The portions (2, 3 or 4) arrive onto the GEA OverLapper coming from the slicer or other equipment as required in the process. In the in-feed area they can cross a spreading belt, which separates the portions cross-wise. In the central area the so separated portions are guided either upwards with a vertical Flip-Flop or continue without vertical deviation onto a cross-shifting belt system where the portions are positioned cross-wise. In the out-feed area the top portions are dynamically superposed onto the cross-shifted ones resulting in an overlapped portion.

  • Flexible overlapping concepts
  • Detection of portions using laser light sensors.
  • Intelligent distance-measuring system of portions and their positions


Depending on rows and needed configuration the following basic overlappings can be used: 4 : 1 overlapping 3 : 1 overlapping 2 : 1 overlapping Parallel overlapping 2 : 2 Further concepts can be integraded and added depending on machine configuration

  • High speed overlapping up to 160 Portions/min
  • High accuracy through servo technology