GEA TenderCarve

The GEA TenderCarve is a rotating knife tenderizer that cuts the surface of boneless meat using two rotating knife rollers. As a result, the surface area of the product is enlarged, leading to better binding (due to more effective protein extraction) and improved brine absorption during the subsequent tumbling or massaging process.

This tenderizing process improves the quality of the finished product and facilitates a shorter curing time after injection.

GEA TenderCarve

GEA Tenderizing
GEA Tenderizing

Working principle

In the GEA TenderCarve roller tenderiser, the meat passes between two roller knives. The rollers rotate in the same direction but at different speeds to produce a tearing action. The shape and sharpness of the knives on the cutting discs and the distance between the two rollers define the cutting action, cutting depth and degree of damage to the meat structure.

  • Meat passes between two roller knives
  • Rollers rotate in same direction, but at different speeds to produce tearing action
  • Shape and sharpness of knives and distance between rollers define cutting action and depth, incl. degree of damage to meat structure


Equipped with a hopper, the GEA TenderCarve can work effectively in line with an injector. When belt fed, it functions as a standalone, batch machine.

  • In line or stand-alone
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy operation and easy removable knife rollers

Increase surface area and speed up brine absorption

Output quality

By cutting the meat’s surface and muscle tissues, the GEA TenderCarve increases surface area and speeds up brine absorption. It also speeds up protein activation (one extracted meat protein molecule can hold four water molecules) during tumbling or massaging, which in turn increases binding between muscle pieces in processed meats such as hams. This reduces the likelihood of the muscle pieces separating during slicing and improves slicing yield. It also improves the tenderness of the meat by cutting through tough sinewy tissues.

  • Improve quality, binding, color and yield


To support various applications and product types, there is a choice of aggressive and less aggressive knives. The standard knife is designed to cut the connective tissue with limited penetration, and is spring loaded to preserve the natural muscle shape. The more aggressive knife cuts deeper to extend the surface area by dramatically opening the structure. For fat- and skin-on products for which only one side needs to be cut, one knife shaft can be replaced by a blind roller with a flat surface.

  • Two knife roller versions