GEA TempuMixer Module II


The GEA TempuMixer II is an automated tempura mixer that ensures a mix with consistent viscosity, composition and temperature. It features in-line viscosity measurement and automatic adjustment to ensure repeatable results. In addition, an optional pro-active batch correction system is available to speed up compensation for seasonal variation in flour quality. This is crucial for producing chicken nuggets that meet the ever increasing standard.

GEA TempuMixer Module II

Working principle
The GEA TempuMixer II has a flour hopper with flour feed that is accurately controlled by weighing cells. Water is automatically dosed and accurately controlled by a water meter before being fed to the mixing tank for exact batch control (all set points can be stored in recipes). Gentle mixing is assured thanks to the Vortex technology, which features an impeller in the bottom of the tank to create a
vortex in the water. As the flour is added, the vortex initiates the mixing. A double cooling jacket enables very accurate temperature control. All relevant parameters such as mixer speed, mixing ratio, pump speed are programmable and can be stored.

• Automatic water dosing.
• Automatic flour dosing.
• Gentle mixing with Vortex technology.
• Recipe controlled.
• Accurate temperature control.

The GEA TempuMixer II uses a gentle ‘Vortex’ mixing technique with low mechanical impact and optimum blending and dilution of the ingredients into water. This helps preserve the tempura’s crunchiness after frying. Aggressive mixing, for example with rotating blades in a tank, can negatively influence the eating quality and appearance of the end product.

• Gentle mixing.
• Vortex technology.
• Fast recipe changes
• Very low overall waste


Consistent tempura viscosity

Output quality 
Consistent tempura viscosity is essential for consistent pick-up (typically 33%) and therefore to enable you to get as close as possible to the specified minimum weight. For consistency, the mixing ratio of the flour and water is critical. In the GEA TempuMixer II, both these quantities are accurately measured and dosed. The machine automatically manages the mixing quantities, measures the viscosity of the mix, and controls the temperature. The mixing tank is provided with an integrated weighing system to produce very accurate batch weights. Combined with an automatic viscosity control system optimum tempura/ batter quality is achieved in very accurate mixing ratios and 100% reproducible from batch to batch. 

• Consistent tempura viscosity. 
• Automatic water and flour dosing. 
• Automatic viscosity measurement . 
• Automatic temperature control. 

Inconsistent viscosity is partly due to this natural seasonal variation of flour. Every delivered pre-mix is potentially different. To compensate for this, a batch’s viscosity is measured in line, and if it is not according to the recipe specification, it can either be automatically adjusted or automatically rejected (if postmixing adjustment is not applied). 

• Automatically adjusted or automatically rejected 
• Post-mixing adjustment ensures highly repeatable results 
• Pro-active batch correction system 
• Ensure tempura consistency 

Food zone closed by covers. Simple and fast cleaning to highest food safety level, due to integrated CIP system. Designed according to hygienic standard ISO 14159. Machine provided with food grade lubricants in food area. 

• Food zone closed by covers. 
• Fully automatic CIP programm. 
• Designed according to hygienic standard ISO 14159. 

Maximum process control by GEA controls system. 

• GEA controls system (PLC).