GEA ProMix twinshaft mixer

ProMix Twin-shaft mixer

GEA ProMix is a twin-shaft mixer designed for extended products such as hamburger patties, meatballs, luncheon meat and ground sausages, and for pre-mixing for wiener and frankfurter emulsions. The ProMix body and mixing wings are all stainless steel. The mixing barrel and the paddle wings are high-precision manufactured, with minimum clearance between barrel and paddles ensuring optimal unloading and minimal product cross over.

Working principle

The mixing wings are independently direct driven providing various mixing actions for optimal mixing and protein extraction. The variable wing-speed is standard which gives a lot of flexibility to the machine. The ProMix is standard equipped with outlets which remain closed regardless product pressure. 

  • Independently direct driven 
  • Various mixing actions 
  • Variable wing-speed


In case of cooling, the ProMix can be equipped with bottom injection air liquide nozzles for cooling with liquid  CO2 or N2 for optimal cooling efficiency. Due to optimization of the design, controls and air liquide nozzles we can reach up to 30% saving on gas consumption compared with conventional bottom injection systems. Compared to top injection we can save up to 50% on gas consumption. 

  • Optimized cryogen Cooling system with air liquide nozzles
  • Up to 30% gas savings compared to conventional bottom injection
  •  Up to 50% gas savings compared to top injection


The machine is designed according the latest sanitary design standards and possibility to add cleaning nozzles for easy cleaning. The shaft seals can easily be opened/removed for cleaning. 

  • According highest safety standards
  • Optional cleaning nozzles
  • Easy cleaning