EYE WEAR from GEA, showcased at this year’s interpack, is a groundbreaking service innovation that enables virtual experts to support machine operators and service technicians in the field in-real time. From remote machine assessments, inspections and implementations to SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) assistance, this cutting-edge technology can reduce response times, almost eliminate travel costs and foster improved supplier–partner relationships.

Real-time trouble shooting for technicians

With its built in camera and microphone, EYE WEAR offers a range of functions, including “chat”, “hear”, “speak” and even the ability to “send” and “edit” pictures. With images projected onto the EYE WEAR screen, repairs, process optimization or inspections can be done at the speed of the Internet.

Information is streamed, live, via a Wi-Fi interface, enabling machine operators to send and receive information in real-time. Readable documents and procedures can be sent from the operator or requested from the engineer in the field. Using a bidirectional flow of information, the EYE WEAR can be used to assist customers with technical issues, inspect equipment and help with production start-ups.

EYE WEAR provides an array of benefits

From unexpected downtime to replacing damaged parts, and from identifying upgrade opportunities to equipment optimization: Amidst a strict regulatory environment and increasing competition, the pharmaceutical industry is constantly looking to optimize its processes, hit deadlines and get product to market as quickly as possible. GEA’s EYE WEAR can maximize production time, reduce operational costs, help to deliver quality products and, in the case of incidents or accidents, ensure the health and safety of staff.

Standalone unit or part of SLA

Available as a standalone unit and as part of the GEA Service Level Agreement (SLA) framework, the product’s scope of supply includes the EYE WEAR glasses, a battery charger, use of the registration QR code for a year, a microphone and headphones, an access point router and full documentation.

A comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories is also available, as are an optional extra battery pack and holder, support service and access to a web-based app.

Talk today about the future of real-time communication

For motivated and better trained staff, reduced downtime, increased OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and extended equipment lifecycles, GEA Service is available at interpack to talk about the future of real-time communication. 


The nearest representative for more information on the comprehensive GEA Service offers can be found via our contact page.

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