Having recently launched the GEA Aquarius CoatingLine, the world´s only fully automated line which forms, cools, coats and wraps lollipops, the stand features the wrapping machine GEA Aquarius BunchWrapper demonstrating two innovative labeling techniques. Visitors are invited to taste coated lollipops on a special GEA tasting bar to get inspired for ideas to coat their lollipops. Furthermore, two GEA SmartPackers, vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machines, are on display, the latest CX400 in a hygienic execution, and a CX250 with an multihead weigher.

Diversify lollipops with innovative labeling

The Aquarius BunchWrapper wrapping machine on the stand is fitted with labelers for placing labels inside the wrapping film and on the stick. This enables manufacturers to differentiate products by adding information such as barcodes or promotional information like logos and actions. The GEA Label on Stick system works at up to 800 lollipops per minutes placing labels up to 60 x 20 millimeters. Applications include scratch-and-win promotional actions, quizzes and games. The GEA Label on film system enables labels, stickers, tattoo transfers, letters and similar items to be included with the lollipop. The maximum size of the label is three millimeters smaller than the lollipop diameter, and they can be placed at up to 600 lollipops per minute. The Aquarius BunchWrapper is suitable for heat-sealable wrapping materials such as cellophane, Polypropylene and laminates.

Sweet and sour lollipop coating

Another way to distinguish lollipops is by adding taste, color texture or shine with coatings of powder, syrups or granulate. GEA recently introduced the Aquarius CoatingLine, the world´s only fully automated line which forms, cools, coats and wraps lollipops. Visitors to the stand can sample amongst others the sweet and sour powder coated lollipops this line produces, and draw inspiration for their next new products.

Contemporary bagging: stand up and stand out

Bagging lollipops in the latest stand-up packaging styles ensure they stand out on supermarket shelves and shop counters. The continuous motion GEA SmartPacker CX400 on the GEA stand can form, fill and seal the popular Quatro seal and attractive Easy Doystyle bag formats. GEA SmartPackers handle products smoothly, making it possible to bag fragile and sticky candy at high speeds. And thanks to the product-in-seal detection system, no sticky product residue gets in the jaws, so there’s no need to stop for cleaning.

A tradition in automated lollipop production

GEA already built its first Aquarius lollipop wrapping machine in 1954. Since then, the company has become a market leader in lollipop forming, cooling, wrapping and packaging equipment. Today, there are more than 2,300 Aquarius models running in over 80 countries, proving that GEA knows how to meet the demands of confectionery producers: market trends change rapidly, consumer preferences are becoming ever more sophisticated and, in addition to ingredients and flavor, the presentation of the products is growing in importance. To ensure that producers can react flexibly to consumer trends, GEA remains a committed partner throughout the entire life cycle of the machinery by designing high-performance machines that process and package foods without compromising on flexibility, researching and working on innovative solutions that are customized to meet what are often very individual requirements and ensuring that GEA machines deliver optimum performance by offering around-the-clock customer service. GEA helps its customers stay one step ahead of the competition with attractive, modern packaging formats and filling systems.

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