A new bag style called the EasyDoy has been launched at IFFA 2016. Designed to run on the GEA SmartPacker, it offers a higher fill rate than other Doy style bags because it is made to be filled from the top instead of from the side.

Doy style looks without the drawbacks

GEA EasyDoy pack

Doy style bags are growing in popularity because they now actually can be formed on the vertical flow packer. The result is a stand-up bag format that is both attractive and efficient in terms of shelf space in the supermarket or retail outlet. However, most Doy style bags are harder to make on a vertical flowpacker, and there are trade-offs in terms of fill rate and packaging speed. The EasyDoy changes this situation.

Higher fill rate

Unlike regular Doy style bags, which are made on the flowpacker in a ‘landscape’ configuration (wider than they are tall), the EasyDoy is formed in an upright ‘portrait’ configuration. This means it is filled from the top rather than the side. Consequently a much higher fill rate is possible. In fact, the packaging speeds attainable with EasyDoy bags are typically only 10 % slower than a similar sized pillow bag, whereas other Doy style bags are up to 50 % slower.

Faster change-over

GEA SmartPacker CX400

The EasyDoy format is also much easier for operators to set up, resulting in fast switch over time from pillow bay to EasyDoy and vice versa. The EasyDoy was demonstrated at IFFA on a GEA SmartPacker CX400 continuous motion machine forming an EasyDoy bag measuring approximately 200 x 300mm. The size is suitable for 750 grams of IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) products such as vegetables or nuggets, running at high speed. The EasyDoy tooling can also be retrofitted to existing machines.

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