Düsseldorf (Germany), January 21, 2016 – Automatic livestock feeding systems support a profitable production of high-quality milk. It is just as essential to combine the best formulations consisting of roughage, concentrate feed with adequate energy levels, minerals and vitamins in the correct amounts – and to serve the feed to the various animal production groups at the proper times. The new Mix&Carry WIC fully automatic feeding system from GEA optimizes and coordinates all operational processes related to feeding in a precise and reliable way. For dairy producers, this means enhancement of milk quantity and quality – and a reduction in labor and feed costs.

The GEA Mix&Carry system, with its WIC control system (Wireless Integrated Control), features intelligent software that controls all the dairy feeding routines such as weighing, mixing and distribution. The only manual work required is filling the feed bunkers. The software takes care of the rest, after the individual rations and amounts are entered on a PC. GEA Mix&Carry individually and precisely weighs all ingredients from the bunkers and silos in accordance with formulated rations, and mingles them in the stationary mixer. The feed wagon distributes the fresh fodder to the desired groups, serving either one or both sides of the feeding aisles. Since evidence has shown that frequent serving of feed improves consumption and metabolism, the operator can choose the frequency of serving as desired. An internal navigation system determines the current position and calculates the shortest path from the filling point to each cow group to be fed.

Thanks to the WIC control system, operators can use PCs or mobile devices anywhere to access the system: via a local network or the Internet. This means more leeway for milk producers and herd managers, while assuring at the same time effective supervision of the entire feeding process. If desired, the system can also send status updates per SMS. These reports can then be confirmed by SMS. The touchscreens of the feeders provide status information and minor changes in case is needed.

The GEA Mix&Carry WIC system requires little space and it is equally well suited for new barns or for upgrading of existing facilities. It is initially only available on the market in Germany, France, Sweden and Denmark.

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