A guide to vaccine production in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries is available from GEA, highlighting the company’s thorough understanding of the entire manufacturing process and the need to translate new developments into marketable processes and systems that fully meet the market’s complex requirements.

Vaccines — biological preparations that provide active acquired immunity to a particular disease — are among the 20th century’s most successful and cost-effective public health tools. Not only do they prevent a vaccinated individual from developing a potentially serious disease, they also save lives (up to 3 million every year) and save money: every dollar invested in a vaccine dose in the US saves up to $27 in healthcare expenses.

With access to some of the world's most advanced manufacturing equipment and a wealth of expertise and experience to call on, GEA fundamentally understands the processes involved in vaccine production, the capabilities of the technologies employed and the engineering required to ensure that they operate at optimum capacity with the lowest maintenance.

From the planning phase up to the construction and automation of turnkey plants and process lines, which conform to stringent hygienic and regulatory requirements, GEA is dedicated to developing and supplying customer-orientated solutions, including aseptic process management, optimum cleaning capability, closed product handling, compliance with GMP requirements, gentle product treatment, the efficient recovery of active ingredients and reliable scale-up.

The guide reviews the current and future animal and human vaccine market, provides case studies and offers dedicated sections on GEA’s technologies, such as mechanical separation, fermentation, high pressure homogenization, media preparation and formulation, freeze drying, aseptic spray drying and more.

With its unique blend of expertise and experience, GEA has the scale, the know-how and the flexibility required to meet your specific application requirements. As system integrators and liquid processing specialists, the company supplies standalone machines or package units that guarantee a high yield of valuable substances and operate efficiently, reliably and economically.

GEA has developed numerous innovative improvements to vaccine production processes and brought them to the global market by applying first-class engineering. Whether large or small, GEA can add value to any vaccine production project.

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