GEA, the leading company in containment technology and docking interfaces, manufactures and supplies complete contained materials handling systems and interface components for primary and secondary pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Providing a comprehensive range of robust and compliant containment products, GEA also boasts unrivalled experience in identifying the most appropriate hardware solution and a thorough understanding of containment risk analysis.

BUCK MC_ポータブルリング

Having developed the original pharmaceutical split butterfly valve, the company supplies state-of-the-art BUCK® high containment technology and Hicoflex® disposable containment bags and equipment that improve and enhance the safety, efficiency and performance of powder transfers in solid dosage form plants. With thousands of global implementations and 20 years of experience, GEA has been actively involved in many powder containment Communities of Practice, including the development of ISPE's SMEPAC guidelines to evaluate containment equipment and the latest risk-based approach to the selection of containment equipment.

BUCK® MC split butterfly valves offer a modular, off-the-shelf solution for a variety of powder handling needs. As a successor to the BUCK® HC valve, this second-generation split butterfly valve’s unique design facilitates fast product changeovers through make-and-break connections. For rapid implementation and a low initial investment, or when a single-use method is required, GEA offers the Hicoflex® disposable bag system as an alternative or additional interface (featuring a manually operated transfer interface and bag volumes of up to 50 L).

Unlike many single-component providers, GEA is the only company that can supply entire contained material handling solutions, comprising BUCK® split valve technology and the unique mobile actuator ring, which is both portable and transferable, and can be used to dock several vessels within the same facility. This cost-effective and flexible system enables off-line cleaning without interrupting production, ensuring high productivity and reduced downtime.

Competitively priced with short delivery times, BUCK® valves are fully GMP-compliant, offer robust, free-oriented docking, a dust- and contamination-free interface, and quick and easy maintenance. The portfolio includes a wide range of smart standard products, ranging from manually operated mobile systems up to fully automatic pneumatic assemblies, all of which can be configured by the company’s engineers to meet specific requirements. Smaller sizes are available in stock and ready for dispatch, whereas larger standard sizes require slightly longer lead times (4–6 weeks), depending on configuration and number of valves. For contained solid powder transfer, the solution is BUCK® and Hicoflex®.

For further information, a bespoke proposal for your specific application or a technical presentation, contact a company representative immediately. With a thorough understanding of what level of containment is needed where, GEA has the solution you need, right now. 

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