GEA AccuJector


The GEA AccuJector is designed for small meat parts such as boneless and bone-in poultry, beef steaks and pork filets and low-profile fish. It has the closest needle pattern available today for accurate brine distribution and leaves minimal needle marks on skin-on products. Because of the close needle pattern, for some applications tumbling is not required, so the machine can run in-line and products can be packed immediately after injection or transported directly onto a further processing line.

GEA AccuJector

Working principle
A conveyor belt carriers products under the injection head. The injection cycle starts and the needle head moves down and up. The
belt moves 112 mm and stops, and the cycle repeats. A centrifugal pump feeds the needle head with brine from the filter tank. Excess
brine is filtered by an inline double-rotary filter in the tank, then recycled.

• Conveyor belt carriers products under injection head
• Injection cycle starts, needle head moves down and up
• Belt moves 112 mm, stops and cycle repeats
• Centrifugal pumps feeds needle head with brine from filter tank
• Excess brine is filtered by inline double-rotary filter in tank and recycled 


Easy to clean and inspect

The machine has an integrated brine tank and filter system, which makes it a complete and easily exchangeable machine. The injection process is controlled by a PLC unit operated via a touch panel. Brine distribution is accurately controlled in the GEA AccuJector using advanced needle heads with individual needles that are automatically adjusted by air pressure. When a bone obstructs a needle, it retracts and stops injecting, avoiding brine pockets and bone damage. 

• Injection levels from 5% up to 80 % 
• High accuracy thanks to individual needle control 
• Low cost of ownership 
• Easy to operate and maintain 

Output quality 
Injection occurs in two identical cycles, separated by a belt movement of 112 mm. To get the right injection level, two patterns and two injection modes are provided. For low injection levels (positive down injection), all needles are opened before they make contact with meat and they inject during the down stroke only. For high injection levels (positive down and up injection), injection takes place during both the down and up strokes is with all needles open. The 2 mm diameter needles, positioned in a close pattern, ensure optimal brine distribution in the products. Two needle types are available: side port needles recommended for poultry and fresh meat and hypodermic needles recommended for fish. 

• Close needle pattern for maximum accuracy 
• For low and high injection levels 
• Side port needles and hypodermic needles (fish) 

The GEA AccuJector is easy to clean and inspect thanks to the open C-frame and comes with an integrated needle flushing system. 

• Easy cleaning and inspection 
• Integrated needle flushing system 

All injection parameters of the GEA AccuJector are controlled via an operator-friendly touch panel and PLC. 

• Operator-friendly touch panel 
• PLC controlled