GEA proplus

The major plus in protein yield

GEA proplus extends the ejection intervals of milk separators from 20 – 30 minutes to up to 90 minutes. This ensures added value, a significant increase in protein yields from the quantity of milk used and a clear reduction in fresh water consumption and waste water creation.

New installation or modular retrofitting

GEA proplus offers two options to make your milk processing more profitable: a new installation of GEA separators with integrated proplus system, or specific retrofitting of systems which are already installed.

Always benefit twofold: Flexible investment, optimized operating costs

In addition to the additional protein and environmental protection, you also increase your productivity with proplus by means of greater system availability, lower maintenance and wear costs, and longer machine service life.

GEA proplus Maximize protein yield, minimize water consumption

GEA Dairy Proplus Productivity Boost
GEA Dairy Proplus Productivity Boost

From the outset, you can count on additional profits from the raw milk used, reduced operating costs and hence faster amortization of your new investment.

GEA proplus is designed for hot & cold milk separation and bacterial removal from 3,000 l/h throughput capacity onwards. 


GEA proplus calculator

The calculator above calculates possible annual savings by buying GEA proplus. Results are purely indicative and non binding.