GEA supplies a wide range of fluidization devices to assist powder flow from silos, hoppers and vessels, as well as in convey lines. Units may be designed to inject a layer of air between the product and vessel walls, to aerate the powder itself so that it flows like a liquid or to dislodge product build up using high velocity air blasters.

Most fluidizing devices can be supplied in alternative arrangements, such as food grade, dairy or pharmaceutical grade, demountable for inspection and cleaning, and for high temperature and some CIP-compatible equipment.

Principle of Operation

When powders are conveyed into a bin or other type of vessel most often the material is pneumatically conveyed. As the material flow enters the bin it is a combination of air and particulate. As the particulate settles, the air escapes. While some materials and bins freely flow, others require assistance. The disc aerator or fluidizer loosens up the material allowing it to flow by adding air back into the material and by creating a gentle vibration of the disc.

The disc fluidizer forces air to move along the bin wall freeing up the material and assuring good bin clean out. The disc also vibrates which keeps the material flowing without allowing it to compact or plug. The disc seals tightly against the bin wall and prevents airline plugging. The disc is robust and will not tear, absorb moisture and operates with temperatures up to 350° F (175° C).



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