Powder Handling Components - Flow Assisting Devices Dust Collection (Powder Systems)

GEA jetpulse bag filters are designed for high performance and maximum efficiency, while reducing maintenance costs and downtime.



Typical applications include process air cleaning, silo venting, receiving vessels for pneumatic convey systems, dust extraction systems, bag dumping dust elimination, airslide and fluidizer venting.  They are designed to be a component of modular design.

Jet pulsed filter cleaning system with fully adjustable control heavy duty welded steel or stainless steel construction and easy access to filters for inspection and maintenance.  Filter removal from clean air side as standard using quick release snaptex filters.


Accessories and Options

  • Filter design to suit application - tubular fabrics, pleated cartridge, PTFE coated and more air/cloth ratio to suit application
  • Sanitary designs are available for pharmaceutical applications
  • Air handling fans selected to suit application
  • Dust discharge via collection bin, airlocks, screw conveyor, flap valves
  • Antistatic filters for filtering of explosive dusts 
  • Flange mounted onto silos