Air Filtration

Correct air filtration is an essential component of any pneumatic conveying system to protect both the equipment and the product from contamination.

GEA has a long history of supplying high specification filters for pressure and vacuum systems for food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications to the most stringent standards.

Features and Options

  • Sizes to suit all airflows
  • Pleated paper or synthetic fibre filter cartridges 
  • Resin bonded, thermally bonded, woven, felted and other material types
  • Surface treated, PTFE-coated and multilayer composite fabrics
  • Epitropic anti-static filter media, washable and self cleaning filter types
  • Filters to ASHRAE, EUROVENT, EU, HEPA, DIN and other standards
  • Epoxy coated steel and stainless steel housings
  • Designs suitable for indoor or outdoor locations
  • Vacuum or pressure resistant housings 
  • Sanitary, demountable, easy clean designs for critical food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications.



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